Restaurant Repair Services and Equipment Fixes

Did you know Gasket Guy can also fix and repair restaurant equipment?  Our technicians are field equipped for any of the following:

  • Door handle repair and replacement  (no more stuck or open doors!)
  • Door hinge repair and replacement  (no more hanging or loose doors)
  • Wheel and caster replacement for refrigerators  (fix lopsided and unsafe BOH)
  • Drawer repair and bearing replacement  (no more fighting to pull out food)
  • Improperly shutting and sealing doors (even walk-in freezers)
  • Triple sink cracks and leaks  (stop your dishwasher pool parties)
  • Install or replacement of kickplates  (prevent equipment damage)
  • Strip curtain replacement for doors, coolers and walk-ins  (keep temp and lower electricity bills)

Unfortunately, we do not work on electrical (motors, filters, condensers, heat wire) as our technicians are not electricians and this is out of our scope. We are happy to refer you to one of the qualified HVAC-R companies that we trust if you do need your freezer or refrigerators electrical components serviced.